Midnimo, Bulshanimo, Somalinimo

After the resignation of Abdullahi Yusuf, a tyrant that whose pitiless personality has intrigued many reports that his resignation has FINALLY coordinated the route of peace and prosperity.

I am not a scholar. However, I am a young girl who constantly thinks and has the ability to come up with her own opinions. Amidst the recent leash of chaos in my homeland it has motivated me to write this piece. Born in Canada,19 years old and patriotic. However, my loyalty has always been questioned by Somalis in the Diaspora. Asking what type of glorious stage am I trying to induce and the reasons for my interest in a land that I have not even set foot in- as if my ethnicity does not blatantly answer that ignorant question. See, being a Canadian does not give me the right to forget all that I could have lived and I thank Canada and the beautiful citizens of it for giving my mother asylum – for God would know where I would be residing and what kind of life I would live.. A nomad herding cattle, wandering on the lush skirts of Galmudug state or even the dry terrain of Ogadenia. My ethnicity grants me that unborn right to love my motherland.

However, I am not writing this to discuss my citizenship and what validates me as a young Somali female to stand up against the atrocities that occur against my people.

I love my people in the continent and those that reside in the Diaspora. Regardless, of our tribal issues. WHAT IS Bewildering!! is how can a people who look alike, speak the same language and have the same religion stray away and fight upon the name of their fore-fathers, and still hold it as a merit of justification to indulge in the practice of ethnocentrism. I am a strong and keen that our differences and our issues can be erased by returning back to the religion and seeking guidance from our creator.

This pride that we carry in our chest— just know that the names of our fore-fathers can be quickly degraded into dust. Also know that one who has a mustard seed of Pride will not be able to enter Paradise.

A dear friend of mine who shall not be named rejected that the idea that a President should be voted in without the vote of the people or a consensus of the people. I agree with her on all that she protests because it is fair and her arguments are definitely valid because in the end it is always the women and children whom are left to struggle. However, we both believe we shall wait and see—and be hopefull and make dua ( prayer).

In conclusion, I ask that since we are the Diaspora that we pull up our pants and remember in the end of the day our beloved country is waiting for us. Somalia is bleeding and that is something we cannot ignore. If you really think about it, many of the revolutions in modern day were led by Youth. In the end of the day, I just wanted to remind my brothers and sisters that our distraught people back home are waiting for us to come and change the condition that our fore-fathers have left them in.

So when you think you can’t go on, remember the orphan children that have no home or parents, the millions that live in Internationally Displaced People Camps (the infamous IDP Camps), the millions who go hungry every day, the lives that have been lost during this period of civil war, and the struggle our parents have endured to enable us to live in Canada and throughout the World.

Peace & Blessings


3 thoughts on “Midnimo, Bulshanimo, Somalinimo

  1. great write, I know exactly what you mean- I remember reading gabay few years back, dont remember the name of the person who wrote it- but view words stuck to me from his piece-

    Somaliyey, Inta doqon fariid yahay,
    darajana qabiil tahay,
    dabaalna uu wax garad yahay
    habar’habar u go’anahay
    dawersi baan ku-nolaan. well done with the post! more minds like us in the political ladder, and we’ll have a country that knows the concept of brotherhood.

    • Peace,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my note. It is us the young people who need to be conscious of the plight of our people, history and culture hadi kale daaad luuntay baan nogoneenaa.. Inaad ka heeshay post-gay wa ka faraxsanahay aad iyo aad. Gabay-ga aad mesha ku soo qoortey neeh wa miid la yaab leeh oo ruun. Somali haday isku nogon waydo dibaato ka fara badaan labataanka sano aan so daafney baan arki doona ee Illahi aa aka ducaya sido sharaaf leeh bu midnimotha iyo Somalinimotha noo so ciliyo. Ameeen.


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