As time steadily allocates itself to the past.. aka Reality…

…As time steadily allocates itself to the past, I remember what was, what could have been; and definitely those I have left treading along. I wonder, for if peace can be attained through worldly materials. Why aren’t we happy? Yet, we cling onto this world as if it were a mirage, an ever-lasting mirage. So we enjoin what is bad and what is good, because we as human beings can avoid the thought that our very last breath will leave us at a time where we are not ready. However, what have we worked? We spend so much time dwelling on what shall not benefit us but rather forsaking what The Almighty has given to as a priveldge. Rather we are consummated in our own thoughts and lives. An elder once asked me, “ Khadija, when will you learn from your fore-fathers and those who have left you”. In this pretext- she was insinuating in Somali, when shall i learn from the deaths of my fore-fathers and those who had left me, had I not learned that life was to short. She then vehemently expressed with a frail voice, “ inaanyahay cagaha dhuulka digo, oo eeebe taalatha saaro”. With her elderly voice, and her clout she expressed to me that I shall put my feet down, a Somali expression which denotes that I should calm down for I was getting out of hand and that I should put complete trust in Allah. Her words, seldomly vibrate my inner thoughts. Actively erasing her frail voice, as it ticks into my head and leaves as quickly as a hummingbird trails. Now even if I wonder and try to excavate my inner thought processes won’t allow me to do so. It seems like this conjecture of my life has been interceded by a higher being. I am a woman, a beautiful Muslim East African female, with bewildering contours arrogant I may sound but my intelligence is the ‘creme of the crop’ that finishes my garniche. Swaggering is not a path that I choose to display my inner provocative thoughts. however, my curves were never thought to embellish those we seemingly try to attain after we stare at the covers of Vogue, Seventeen, and I take pride with what God has blessed me with. It has been predestined for me that I shall live in this world and I shall make something of myself as long as God allows me to live. Now I don’t usually compare myself to provisions that the Almighty lord has provided me but my soul is earning to be one with thy creator. However, I feel that I am not ready to meet my lord with all the sins I have accumulated in these years on this earth. I guess thats why us human beings dislike death.


One thought on “As time steadily allocates itself to the past.. aka Reality…

  1. amazing writing, walahay i’ve to come back to fully understand where you going with this, in the meantime you should read Geography of bliss by Eric Weiner.

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