Interesting Blogs

Here is a list of blogs that are of interest to me. I will add more to the list as I find them, god willingly.


4 thoughts on “Interesting Blogs

  1. well, thanks for adding me to the list. I am indeed honured. And ure blog is very intersting, some very well written pieces. And the videos are just epic(the black n yellow one was hilarious). I also found the herstorytale blog just outstanding. salam for now.

  2. Caqlilow- I have changed your wordpress to the new tumblr web address. Good luck with your writings.

    Rochester Black- thank you for stepping by 🙂 I was waiting for the day that you would. Thank you for the feedback as well. Come by more often and p.s I need critical feed back, read some more and comment.

    Thanks brothers!

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