Ahhh…now what? by Yassin Omar-Gul

Please note: This is not a final resolution for the motherland but a starting initial step which will open a conversation hopefully in the near future about possible political reform. I was reading my urban studies textbook, and it was interesting seeing the author indicate the power of non politcal agents in about reforming cities. … Continue reading


Only He is worthy of Praise. The Most High whose bounty is limitless. Whose scriptures’ are the true guidance for man. For whose hand my soul is in; who has created me from clay and a blood clot.  Bless the believers with Victory. Bless them with understanding. Bless them with patience. Bless them with health, … Continue reading

I can understand but I cannot speak

I can understand but I cannot speak the language of my ancestors. I can understand but I cannot speak the poetic verses whose hymns only those with understanding can visualize. I can understand but I cannot speak the prolific words of poets. I can understand but I cannot speak the pain of mothers who cry … Continue reading

Somali Women and Politics

Salam, Women have the capacity to heal the world! Somali women have always been avid supporters or critics of Somali politics whether it be through aiding in any manner, poetry or monetarily. Personally, I feel that there needs to be space created for women to participate in the political realm. How are women not partaking … Continue reading


May peace be with you all. I have been on gone for the past couple months. I apologize for not posting things and updating as I would like to. I did promise to keep this blog active and keep the momentum alive. However, I failed.  I reactivated my Facebook and used that as my main … Continue reading

Guantanamo Bay

May You and the brothers in Guantanomo Bay be granted the highest Heaven (Firdaws’al Aclaa) for enduring such trials and tribulations.. I am so disturbed by how inhumane Guantanamo Bay is.. What have I done to alleviate their plight? Nothing as I sit here privileged in Canada..I am in complete shock..

Modern Day Layla

  I came across this blog and was automatically wow’d by it.. I had to bookmark it and come back to it.. Many of us know the love story between Qays and Layla as it has survived many centuries of story telling.. This fellow blogger brings a new definition to writing.. Love letters are obsolete … Continue reading