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Ahhh…now what? by Yassin Omar-Gul

Please note: This is not a final resolution for the motherland but a starting initial step which will open a conversation hopefully in the near future about possible political reform. I was reading my urban studies textbook, and it was interesting seeing the author indicate the power of non politcal agents in about reforming cities. … Continue reading

Short Clip- “What Makes Us Kenyans”

The young girl in the video said “If we all focus on being different tribes. What makes us Kenyans?”  The young girls words resonated with me- a child’s innocent world view can make individuals who enjoy tribalism realize that we have more commonalities than just tribal affiliations. Enjoy

Interesting FB Post

My Chinese friend: We produce everything you use, without us the world is nothing. My western friends: where would you be with our aid and technology? My Israeli friend: we’re god’s chosen people. My Arab friend: our oil runs this world. How about this: we’re all interdependent. By: Unknown Female