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Day 1 – Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

The seven things that have been running through my mind lately are: 1. Success 2. Loyalty 3. Family 4. Friends 5. Marriage 6. Money 7. Contentment 5. Purpose of Life Advertisements


Somali Man murdered in Calgary

Its like anything I hear that comes from the West Coast of Canada and has to do with Somalis- is always NEGATIVE! The West has turned into a war zone for the Somalis where hundreds of families have moved to earn a better living. Okay! War zone may be an exaggeration of the truth but … Continue reading


As time steadily allocates itself to the past.. aka Reality…

…As time steadily allocates itself to the past, I remember what was, what could have been; and definitely those I have left treading along. I wonder, for if peace can be attained through worldly materials. Why aren’t we happy? Yet, we cling onto this world as if it were a mirage, an ever-lasting mirage. So … Continue reading