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Biophysics & M.Mooge

So i’m working on my problem set for Biophysics and jamming to Maxamed Mooge. I have an internal love affair for this man, Illaahi ha uu naxristo. His songs are beyond powerful, whether it’s a political song or a love song- his attempt to catch the listener and drag them into his world is more … Continue reading

Tea and Talk

So after a very long day of running around-Eid Prayer, School, and Work- I finally caught up with some of my sisters in Islam. Women whom I had a great honor of sharing my Eid night with- love them so dearly. I was ready to go home after work but plans suddenly changed.  As I … Continue reading

Lack of Passion

So lately I have been dealing with the issue of lack of passion. I should re-word it to the statement “too many passions and a lack of focus” I am having a hard time trying to find that one passion that makes me whole. It is like I am comprised of many interests and loves … Continue reading

Eid Mubarak

I just wanted to wish to all the people who observed the month of Ramadan, a beautiful Eid Mubarak. Kulu ‘aam wa antum bi khayr. May Allah (SWT) accept your siyam, qiyam, charity and du’a.  And may he (SWT) make the Qur’an the life of your heart, the light of your breast, the departure of your … Continue reading

Of Marriage and Dating

I really enjoyed this peace by Salma. Where do our intentions lie? Good read mashAllah Follow her on Twitter at @inspireyouth By Salma Hussein “Abaayo  all I’m looking for is a good brother who is family oriented, does not party, and who is going to school, is that seriously too much to ask for?”Or “Saaxiib, … Continue reading

Islam in America-Thomas Jefferson’s Quran

‎”The fundamental freedoms guaranteed under Islamic law are not far from (these constitutional) American Ideals and that’s Amazing when you realize that the Quran predates the constitution by a thousand years. And there is evidence in Washington that suggests that America knows it is indebted to Islam for its own citizens inalienable rights to life, … Continue reading