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Somali Man murdered in Calgary

Its like anything I hear that comes from the West Coast of Canada and has to do with Somalis- is always NEGATIVE! The West has turned into a war zone for the Somalis where hundreds of families have moved to earn a better living. Okay! War zone may be an exaggeration of the truth but … Continue reading

Of Marriage and Dating

I really enjoyed this peace by Salma. Where do our intentions lie? Good read mashAllah Follow her on Twitter at @inspireyouth By Salma Hussein “Abaayo  all I’m looking for is a good brother who is family oriented, does not party, and who is going to school, is that seriously too much to ask for?”Or “Saaxiib, … Continue reading

An angry poem by me called Wa Yaab!

** I wrote this a while back because I was pissed off at some people who thought they can control my life with their mouths and degrade me or even try to dehumanize me through their demonic tales and lies. However, enjoy!! Whenever I do read this, it brightens my life. For all those who … Continue reading