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Qabiilo..maantay maxaad ii tartaay? Walaalahay sookaayo baad ii keyntay laakin kuuwii aan iskuu aaf, iis kuu dhaqan, iskuu deen, iskuu wijii, iskuu hoyo, waad iiga dhiishay. Mantaay Qabiilo waan kuu fuuray!! Dhinbii, xuuman, ooyiin, iyo beyr xanuun uun bayaa igu sabiisay. Qabiilo Qurankii wuxuu kuu yirii mantaay madaa kaa so bixiin. Walaaltinimo iyo iis garaasho uun … Continue reading

Ahhh…now what? by Yassin Omar-Gul

Please note: This is not a final resolution for the motherland but a starting initial step which will open a conversation hopefully in the near future about possible political reform. I was reading my urban studies textbook, and it was interesting seeing the author indicate the power of non politcal agents in about reforming cities. … Continue reading

41 Years Later- Where are we at?

Siyaad Baare is now dead, long gone, buried 6 ft in the earth somewhere. Some can’t fathom the fact and others are happy. October 21st 1969 was the day Siyad Baare took over power in Somalia in what was regarded as “The Bloodless Coup”. Some may argue that Siyaad was probably the best that has … Continue reading

Hotel Munna by Amin Amir

The above illustration is a depiction of what happened on August 24, 2010 in Mogadishu. The after-math of an attack led by Al-Shabaab (meaning the Youth).  Any commentary can tell you how disgusting, self-motivated and destructive the Al- Shabaab are and their dire need to shed blood in the name of Islam- misguided ideologies have … Continue reading

Blue Sky Initiative – Ramadan Help Needed

The bleakness of life in Somalia is not prejudiced; everyone endures the pain of struggle. However some suffer more than others, I have met street children that are addicted to glue, khat and other drugs. As a means of dealing with their harsh realities they often sedate themselves. With no family to protect them they … Continue reading

What it costs to run Somalia | FP Passport

Lately, I have noticed that many young men(no females) have been running for Political Office in Somalia. Many of whom intentions are not yet clear to me. This article I dedicate to the men and women who have personal vendettas/interests in Somalia.  Good luck with a government that has $11 million dollar budget. But on … Continue reading

Midnimo, Bulshanimo, Somalinimo

After the resignation of Abdullahi Yusuf, a tyrant that whose pitiless personality has intrigued many reports that his resignation has FINALLY coordinated the route of peace and prosperity. I am not a scholar. However, I am a young girl who constantly thinks and has the ability to come up with her own opinions. Amidst the … Continue reading