A little bit about the Nomad

I am a 22-year-old female striving in the way of The Most Exalted. I am currently in my third year of University. I am currently studying at an accredited institution. I am of Somali origin but I was born in Canada. I love to engage with others, I love to socialize and have meaningful conversations. I describe myself as an activist, a concerned citizen and opinionated female. I just wanted to make use of this media outlet to express myself and my thoughts. Thanks for coming by and being apart of my journey. I would love for you to write a comment and I hope you benefit from my notes.

Feel free to email me at nomadicempress@gmail.com.



2 thoughts on “A little bit about the Nomad

  1. Salam! Just stumbled upon your little corner of the blogsphere. I see myself in you, in my early days of blogging where I constantly vented about Somalia. Now I feel so defeated by the whole thing. Well, I’m glad there’s someone like you out there in the blog-world keeping the light burning. My respect to you, Empress.

    PS: I’ve had this theme for a while as well so you got taste in design there!

    W/salam wa rahma

  2. W/Salaam,

    Really?? I guess we are very similar.. great taste! Thanks for coming by my brother.. I hear you on remaining hopeful in our beloved country.. I pray that we don’t lose hope and keep the light burning.. Nice to meet you

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